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10 reasons why stand up paddle boarding is a fast growing sport!

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    10 reasons why stand up paddle boarding is a fast growing sport!
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    Knut Sorby, 60yo SUPing in Norway

    Stand up paddle is everywhere... but why is our sport becoming so popular?

    Here is our top 10 reasons :

    1) Accessible to people of all ages

    We have interesting statistics about the average age of our users :

    • 30% are over 45 yo (year of birth between 1960 and 1970)
    • 40% are between 35 and 45
    • 25% are between 25 and 35
    • Only 5% are born in the nineties

    It means that 70% of our users are over 35!

    Data speak for themselves... stand up paddle is not only a sport for young tanned hawaiian surfers!

    This sport is accessible for people of all ages and this is for us its major asset!

    Knut Sorby, 61 yo, Norway

    2) It's easy!

    With SUP, the pleasure is immediate! Launch a beginner into the water and after a few paddle strokes, chances are big that he will come back with a big smile on his/her face!

    But be careful and respect these conditions if you don't want to scary your friend :

    • the gear must be adapted for beginners (stable and voluminous board)
    • good weather (no wind!)
    • the water should be calm and easy to access (no waves, boats, ...)
    • start on the knees and make them stand up once they found their stability
    • ...

    3) An activity for the whole family!

    Statistics from sessions posted on SUP Trotters are interesting here as well :

    • 25% of our members are women
    • 60% of the posted sessions are of type "family" or "just paddling for fun".

    You can share your SUP sessions with your wife/husband, your kids and even your dog!

    And as Christopher McCandless said in the movie "Into the wild" : happiness is only real when shared!

    Florent Gasnier and his daughter in France

    4) Back to nature

    The Internet, television, gym... we spend way too much time locked inside!

    A SUP session allows you to come back to the nature. Trees, fraish air, fishes, ... a simple but so great pleasure!

    5) The pleasure of standing

    The human body has been created to stand and walk!

    Unfortunately, with our stressful lifes, we spend most of our time sitting at desks and this habit has many bad effects on our health.

    During your SUP journey, you stand up all the time and it feels great!

    Moreover, by standing, you get a great view on everything around you to fully enjoy your ride! A huge advantage compared to kayak for example!

    6) Plenty of spots

    You don't have to live near the sea to practice SUP!

    Lakes and rivers are also great playgrounds and everyone has at least one spot not too far from his house!

    But the big advantage of SUP is that it will make you dream about new travel destinations!
    Soon you will only have one wish : take your board in the plane and discover the most beautiful spots in the world!

    Madera SUP school

    7) Zen

    Being on a SUP board, in the middle of the water without a noise allows you to relax! Leaving behind you your daily life for the time of a session!

    Be careful, it can quickly become an addiction... You will want to get back on your board as soon as possible to find this peace of mind again!

    8) It's a water sport!

    Even if a lot of people are scared by water sports, they are secretly attracted by them!

    They dream about the surfers lifestyle... a sport they think is inaccessible because it's too extreme.

    SUP allows people to discover water sports and to feel as free as surfers!

    9) It's good for your health

    Like every sport, stand up paddle is good for your health! A physical activity to keep you fit!

    With SUP you have a complete workout and you work on your balance as well.

    It is also a soft and natural sport, the risk of injuries is low.

    Valentina Busca

    10) Adapted and affordable equipment

    Technologies are evolving and with the rise of inflatable boards, SUP is now more accessible than ever!

    Your board is rolled in a bag that you can carry with you everywhere...

    Prices are going down and you can now get your own board for a few hundreds dollars!

    What about you?

    Why do you like SUP so much? Please, give us your impressions and... thanks for reading!


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