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Stryi Stryi, Ukraine

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Ville : Stryi, Ukraine

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    • juin 2018
    • Avatar

      Mariusz Patecki à Polańczyk
      Polańczyk - Pologne
      Ajouté le 20 juin 2018 16:57:42

      Date de la session : 20/06/2018

      Matériel utilisé : Aqua Marina Monster & Aqua Marina Sport II


      4.76 km


      3,87 km/h

      First time on my own SUP - Jezioro Solińskie

    • août 2015
    • Volodymyr Bereza Avatar

      Volodymyr Bereza à Stryi
      Stryi - Ukraine
      Ajouté le 07 août 2015 04:36:43

      Date de la session : 04/08/2015


      0.0 km


      0,00 km/h

      This route has happened very spontaneously.
      In the morning call from a friend, "went". "Ok, let's go."

      Same day evening. The train, 600 km from Kiev, walking 5km distance to the river, about which we knew nothing. Pumped up, go!

      Stryi - one of the most pleasant route, which I happened to paddle. It's not lazy slow flatwater river, surely has its own character. But whitewater thresholds are too few. Acceleration of water in narrow sections are forwarding like teleports in old computer games for children. With no that rapids the route should be bored.

      At these moments, only have time to notice that is easily visible thankfully to clearest water, bottom rocks begins to cool accelerate. Strong wonderful feeling.

      Super route! I would like to come back here again!

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