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San Antonio Palopo Sololá, Guatemala

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San Antonio Palopo

Ville : Sololá, Guatemala

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    • novembre 2018
    • PanasurfSuP  Lake atitlan Avatar

      PanasurfSuP Lake atitlan à San Antonio Palopo
      Sololá - Guatemala
      Ajouté le 07 novembre 2018 18:41:33

      Date de la session : 31/10/2018

      Matériel utilisé : Allieoh Round nose LD & ALLIEOH Panasurf LW


      5.0 km


      1,88 km/h

      A beautiful sunny day marked our first tour since the rainy season ended and we had 2 very different groups with us to enjoy the day. First we had Alex and Sarah, who were keen to explore the lake in the best way possible, aboard Panasurfs boards! We also were lucky enough to have with us Marnix and company from the French television show, "The Amazing Race". They are planning on starting their show with a paddle race across Lake Atitlan and we were there to help them figure out the logistics.

      We started our paddle from Panajachel at 7am, getting everyone comfortable on the boards, having some fun and telling a few jokes! Everyone was in fine spirits. The french television crew were keen to paddle hard, as an experiment for timings for when tey were going to shoot the show. The show would require couples to ride tandem on one board, and thats what they did. They started strong but tiredness set in just after Santa Caterina, but they continued to paddle and made it to San Antonia after around 2 hours and 40 minutes. This was great news to everyone as they had hoped for around a 3 hour paddle for their show, so were left happy at the route we showed them and keen to get everything organised for the big event in february.

      Alex and Sarah were on their vacation so were a little more relaxed in their paddle. We had JC with them as they slowly made their way around the beautiful shore of the lake, taking some time out for swimming, cliff jumping and some awesome photos along the way! Some yoga out on the water brought smiles all round and it was a pleasure to spend the day with a great couple!

      A paddle to San Antonio, then a stop on the way in Santa Caterina for lunch marked a great day out on the water for all! Some windy conditions on the way back meant that we had some fun but also got ourselves a great workout and earned ourselves a big feed and a beer when we got back.

      Thanks to everyone who helped make the day awesome! Cant wait to get back out onto the water again! Watch this space, we will be seeing you soon Lago Atitlan!

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