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san marcos Jaibalito, Guatemala

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san marcos

Ville : Jaibalito, Guatemala

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    • novembre 2018
    • PanasurfSuP  Lake atitlan Avatar

      PanasurfSuP Lake atitlan à san marcos
      Jaibalito - Guatemala
      Ajouté le 07 novembre 2018 19:19:45

      Date de la session : 06/11/2018

      Matériel utilisé : Allieoh Allieoh & ALLIEOH Panasurf LW

      Just paddling... :-)

      13.0 km


      2,36 km/h

      We have 3 new guides here at Panasurf, all who have started recently. David, John and Cat. What else could we do but have a big team bonding session out on the Lake? And of course we had to make it a long one..

      Our plan was to paddle to the other side of Lake Atitlan to a spot named Cerro Oro. There we would chill for a while and enjoy the scenery, then cross the lake again, this time to San Marcos.

      We set off a little later than we normally would, feeling energized and ready for a big paddle. We left Panajachel at around 8.30am. The water was calm and the skies were blue. A perfect day for it in conditions we could really relax and enjoy the beautiful mountains in.

      Resident doggo Bailey joined us, hopping from board to board as we paddled to our first spot. We arrived in around 1 hour 30 minutes with the conditions being on our side most of the way.

      At the end of the first leg, a beautiful garden presented itself to us, marking the perfect location to refuel, do some yoga and have a bit of time to soak up some sunshine. The yoga refocused us, the food refueled us and we were ready to embark on the second leg of the journey.

      The wind and the waves started on our side, giving us a nice push toward San Marcos, but not for long. As Lake Atitlan has a tendency to do, the wind turned against us and the water became choppy. This was the perfect test for a group of new guides and an excellent opportunity to show what they could do, whilst getting in a killer workout.

      The waves were rolling toward Panajachel, with the wind blowing in the same direction, which would have made for an easy escape route back home. But these guys were made of sterner stuff, tenaciously battling through the winds to set out what we had achieved at the start of the day.

      It was a long paddle, but we made it to San Marcos with smiles on our faces to enjoy a nice coffee and some well deserved quesadillas from Posada Schuman. Great food with the perfect view of the volcaoes!!The journey totaled 14 miles and we managed it in 5 hours and 30 minutes for the whole day.

      Happy to have done what we set out to and make the big journey. We have ourselves a few sunburnt belly, and sore arms but it was well worth it and we will be back out on the water VERY SOON! We love it!

    • octobre 2017
    • Stand Up Paddle Lake Atitlan  Avatar

      Stand Up Paddle Lake Atitlan à san marcos
      Jaibalito - Guatemala
      Ajouté le 25 octobre 2017 17:56:58

      Date de la session : 25/10/2017

      Matériel utilisé : Isle Explorer & Isle Carbon Travel Paddle

      7.33 km


      6,22 km/h

      This was a really fun downwinder starting in Santa Cruz and ending up in San Marcos in time for lunch. The strong winds on Lake Atitlan alow for great downwinder sessions. The best part is you can deflate your board and take a water taxi home which means more lunch beers.

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