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Interview with Seychelle about SUP Yoga !

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    Interview with Seychelle about SUP Yoga !
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    Seychelle : interview about SUP yoga

    Interview about stand up paddle boarding and yoga with Seychelle.

    1) Hello Seychelle, can you please introduce yourself?

    My name is Seychelle Hattingh. I am from Key Largo, Florida. I am a yoga instructor and standup paddler. I teach Standup Yoga and fitness classes and train and race competitively in the sport.

    2) Why do you like SUP so much?

    I love SUP so much because of the versatility of the sport. I love nothing more than to be on the water and SUP provides the perfect way to make that happen. I do everything I can on my board: yoga, workout, relax, be with friends. Sometimes it's even my method of transportation. I love that SUP is available to almost everyone no matter how young or old or what shape you are in. It's fun, it's affordable, and it's great for you.

    3) You are now a Mistral team rider, what does it mean exactly?

    I am working closely with Mistral now on their Fitness and Yoga products and boards here in the USA as a SUP Yoga Ambassador as well as testing of some new board designs. I use Mistral inflatables in my SUP classes and will soon be racing on the 2016 12'6" Mistral Slipstream. I love the Mistral tradition and that being part of the team is like being family.

    4) If you had to convince someone to start yoga, what would you tell him/her?

    I would rather not convince anyone of something that they were not interested in doing. Most people have it in their mind before they start that they have heard the benefits and would like try yoga. I do my best to be encouraging of people, especially the first time which can be intimidating.

    Yoga improves flexibility, balance, focus, circulation, and oxygen flow. It can be a great workout or a great way to rehabilitate from an injury.

    As with SUP, there are so many aspects of Yoga that appeal to any and all kinds of practitioners. Most importantly, in a Yoga class you are taking time for yourself which most people rarely do now a days. The mental and energetic benefits of a regular yoga practice can positively impact a persons life far more than the physical gains.

    5) Why do SUP and yoga work so well together?

    I think SUP and Yoga work so well together because at the route of the experience, you are seeking a connection. Yoga on a paddleboard takes your practise to a whole new level. It's playful, it's challenging, it's beautiful, it's relaxing and it's fun. I love incorporating the elements of nature in to my classes.

    6) Can anyone start SUP yoga? Is it better to take a lesson?

    For someone who is new to the sport of SUP, it is better to take a lesson. This goes for SUP Yoga as well as just going for a paddle. Before heading out you should know the conditions, currents, winds, and depths of that particular body of water.

    For an experienced paddler, trying a few yoga moves on the board is probably fine. The nice part about attending a yoga class is letting things be in the hands of an experienced instructor. A big part of Yoga is "letting go."

    7) What about the equipment? What kind of board do you need?

    For SUP Yoga, you need a board that is between 10'6'' and 12' long and 32'' - 36'' wide. I prefer to use my Mistral 11'5'' Kailua Fit. You will also need a paddle, PFD (Personal floatation device), and anchor.

    8) What do you think about SUP Trotters?

    I only recently started using SUP Trotters, but I think it is a great tool and social media platform to connect and share with other paddlers all over the World!

    Thank you Seychelle!

    What about you? Do you like SUP yoga? Don't hesitate to leave a comment!


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