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Torsten Krö Ganer at Haffwisch, Bockholm 06/09/2015

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    Torsten Krö Ganer à Haffwisch, Bockholm
    Glücksburg - Allemagne
    Ajouté le 07 septembre 2015 08:36:35

    Date de la session : 06/09/2015

    Matériel utilisé : Naish Glide & ZRE Powersurge


    2.99 km


    3,99 km/h

    Went with the Naish Glide 17/26 for a downwind. We had 7 Bft from North and I got the experience that the Glide was a bit too narrow for this kind of choppy swell (up to 1 Meter).
    I had planned to go to Langballig which is bit further but as the wind and swell was so hard I decided not to go the full distance.
    By arriving in Bockholmwik I had the fun of waves from everywhere ;-( as the waves have been pushed back by the quayside wall from the sailing harbour.
    When I arrived my waterproof cell phone did not work to pick up the shuttle so I had a very nice walk back at the coast.