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Mitchell Getz (OKINAWA SUP) at Nakadomari to Maeda Cliffs and Return 31/08/2015

  • Mitchell Getz   (OKINAWA SUP)  Avatar

    Mitchell Getz (OKINAWA SUP) à Nakadomari to Maeda Cliffs and Return
    Nakadomari, Onna-son, Okinawa - Japon
    Ajouté le 31 août 2015 15:23:48

    Date de la session : 31/08/2015

    Matériel utilisé : Starboard Race Open Ocean Brushed Carbon & Quickblade KANAHA ELITE RACER


    3.45 km


    7,67 km/h

    Took a board out for my wife so I just sprinted to the cliffs and back while she stayed closer to shore for her workout.
    Paddled against the current, an incoming tide, and just a slight headwind at my 2 o'clock on the way to the cliffs where about halfway (@~0.8km) the swells grew to ~1-1.25 meters about 4-6 seconds apart .
    Took a more circuitous return route to ride with the swell the last quarter of the session. Tried a new iPhone app (Runmeter) to map my session, record time and speeds: and, I think I like it better than Runkeeper. Shows more detail at each interval and much more information about the training session.