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Lindsay Turvey at Raby Bay Parklands 16/03/2018

  • Lindsay  Turvey Avatar

    Lindsay Turvey à Raby Bay Parklands
    Raby Bay - Australie
    Ajouté le 16 mars 2018 08:00:18

    Date de la session : 16/03/2018

    Matériel utilisé : Naish Glide javelin & Natural Rythm Adjustable

    Just paddling... :-)

    1.97 km


    3,51 km/h

    Went out intending to do a fitness paddle, which turned out to be a social event. Nice chatting with Brett, a Member of BrisSUP.
    I stopped the app at the beach, intending to paddle hard on the way back and logging it as a new trip. It didn't work out that way for a couple of reasons. I'll explain in the next entry.