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Lindsay Turvey at Raby Bay 05/03/2018

  • Lindsay  Turvey Avatar

    Lindsay Turvey à Raby Bay
    Brisbane - Australie
    Ajouté le 04 mars 2018 22:10:17

    Date de la session : 05/03/2018

    Matériel utilisé : Naish Glide javelin & Natural Rythm Adjustable


    8.97 km


    7,74 km/h

    Nice overcast morning with a flood tide light SSE breeze opposing the tide. Temperature 24 deg Celsius, humidity 71%.
    So it didn't take long to work up a Sweat at 7:00am.
    Got to love the repetitive action of paddling with the added bonus of an ever changing playing field. My happy place.