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Martijn Kooij at Hollandse Biesbosch 30/09/2014

  • Martijn Kooij Avatar

    Martijn Kooij à Hollandse Biesbosch
    Drimmelen - Pays-Bas
    Ajouté le 25 février 2015 12:12:09

    Date de la session : 30/09/2014

    Matériel utilisé : GONG SUP Carbon Pro

    Long distance

    22.35 km


    8,13 km/h

    First longdistance sup tour. Borrowed the 14ft Gong CM iSUP from And took the tour as long as 21 km. Pretty happy with the total time, which was 3 hours 30 minutes. Including 15 minute break and 15-20 minutes slowdown cause of fallen trees, and shallow water full of vegatations. So in under 3 hours for the first time this distance, im quite happy!