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Rami Halinen at Vesijärvi 14/09/2016

  • Rami Halinen Avatar

    Rami Halinen à Vesijärvi
    Lahti - Finlande
    Ajouté le 14 septembre 2016 10:25:10

    Date de la session : 14/09/2016

    Matériel utilisé : Starboard Astro Whopper Zen & Red Alloy Vario Travel 3pc Paddle Red Alloy Vario Travel 3pc Paddle


    9.8 km


    4,46 km/h

    Sunny wednesday, water & air both 14-16 celsious. Forecast for next ten days tels lowering temperatures, wind, rain... subarctic summer seems to be over, maybe my last sup this year