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Stéphane Koch at South Beach Kayak 26/10/2014

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    Stéphane Koch à South Beach Kayak
    Miami - États-Unis
    Ajouté le 27 octobre 2014 00:39:36

    Date de la session : 26/10/2014


    Stand Up Paddle in Miami Beach, Bay area: so I rent a board at South Beach Kayak, the team are cool there, the board was ok, nothing special (after to have tried a "Bark Dominator" on the Hudson in NYC, it's quite normal) but the paddle I got was at least 2kg ;) If you head up there ( be careful when you go into the water with the board, it's really slippery. You can cross some Jellyfish, but the one on the pictures are not dangerous... otherwise nothing to tell, the bay side is quite calm, I will try the ocean side to see the difference ;)