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Karsten Klein at Winterhafen, Linz, Austria 02/01/2016

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    Karsten Klein à Winterhafen, Linz, Austria
    Linz - Autriche
    Ajouté le 02 janvier 2016 19:49:56

    Date de la session : 02/01/2016

    Matériel utilisé : Jimmy Lewis Stiletto


    10.16 km


    7,94 km/h

    Unfortunately the grip from my paddle is broken and I'm waiting for a replacement.
    Today I could test buddies paddle, a Quickblade VDrive 91. Very nice. A better directional stability and a little bit less HF at nearly same speed.
    Following this session, I have paddled 2 more km for cool down.

    Complete: 01:33:26, 12.02 km, 7.72 km/h avg