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Sylvia R. at Lac de Tignes 15/08/2017

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    Sylvia R. a / en Lac de Tignes
    Tignes - Francia
    Añadido el domingo, 08 de abril de 2018 23:01:39 +0000

    Fecha de la sesión : 15/08/2017

    Equipo utilizado : C4 Waterman iSUP Outfitter & RRD Fiberglass 3 piece adjustable

    0.0 km

    I am so sad that SUPtrotters has to end. There are so nice people here and being able to see your sessions from all over the world and being able to talk to you people was so so great. Thank you Anthony for having created this place for all of us crazy SUP people and I am sorry that it has to end.
    OK let me add the Tignes Lake here. I actually didn't paddle there because it was so cold (water is 10°C in summer - it is around 1800m altitude) and I hate putting my feet in cold water! A major advantage of this lake are the excellent French fries that one can eat in the little city of "Tignes le Lac" and that compensate all the weight one loses while hiking.
    On one of those hikes I met this cute friendly butterfly which didn't want to go away from my hand. I had to carry it during a big part of the hike! I have the feeling it was too lazy to fly on it's own :)
    Anyway when I paddle I always try to help insects in distress! Once I carried a spider on my board during my whole session :) So with SupTrotter Bertrand Priouzeau, who is the biggest helper to all kinds of bugs on the water as you can read it in his sessions, we created the BUG LIFEGUARD TEAM! Please look at our logo which proves that we are serious and competent professionals. Logo was made by SupTrotter Ned Oche!! Thank you Ned you are the best. This logo will soon be stuck on my board!