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Rainer Wollesen Germany

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Rainer Wollesen

Country : Germany

15 sessions

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 ockholm wik Avatar

ockholm wik

Germany - Munkbrarup

Beckerwerft, Ostsee Avatar

Beckerwerft, Ostsee

Germany - Glücksburg

Bockholmwik, Ostsee Avatar

Bockholmwik, Ostsee

Germany - Glücksburg

Fahrensodde Avatar


Germany - Flensburg

Haddebyer Noor Avatar

Haddebyer Noor

Germany - Schleswig

Nybøl Noor Avatar

Nybøl Noor

Denmark - Nybøl

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  • Starboard Whopper Wood

    10.0 - 171.0 l.
  • Fanatic Falcon Race

    14.0 - 294.0 l.


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    Starboard Enduro Vario