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Guillermo Fernández Portugal

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Guillermo Fernández

Country : Portugal

10 sessions

Spots that Guillermo follows

Mertola Castle Avatar

Mertola Castle

Portugal - Mertola

Parque Urbano do Jamor Avatar

Parque Urbano do Jamor

Portugal - Lisboa

Praia da Baleeira Avatar

Praia da Baleeira

Portugal - Sagres

Praia de São Rafael Avatar

Praia de São Rafael

Portugal - Albufeira

Praia do Martinhal Avatar

Praia do Martinhal

Portugal - Sagres

Rio Guadiana Avatar

Rio Guadiana

Portugal - Alcoutim

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Nuno Veloso Avatar

Nuno Veloso



  • Avatar

    RRD Arrow

    12.6 - 252.0 l.
  • Fanatic Ray

    12.0 - 271.0 l.
  • Avatar

    GONG SUP Everywhere

    9.0 - 155.0 l.
  • RRD Airsup Conv Plus

    9.8 - 150.0 l. Inflatable


  • Fanatic Innegra Carbon 80

  • RRD Active Flex Carbon 25 Vario

  • RRD Red Alu Adjustable