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Lake Macbride Avatar

Lake Macbride

United States - Solon

pikes plus 3 Avatar

pikes plus 3

United States - Spirit Lake

Triboji to Minniwashta  Avatar

Triboji to Minniwashta

United States - Arnolds Park

Arnold's Park to Triboji Avatar

Arnold's Park to Triboji

United States - Spirit Lake

Kazarellis to home Avatar

Kazarellis to home

United States - Arnolds Park

Gull Point Wahpeton Canals Avatar

Gull Point Wahpeton Canals

United States - Wahpeton

Dsm river  Avatar

Dsm river

United States - Des Moines

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Francesco Cicogna in Italy (10 likes)

Durand-Gasselin Nicolas in France (9 likes)

Francesco Cicogna in Italy (8 likes)

ever further2 in France (7 likes)

Stefan W. in Germany (7 likes)