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ct river Avatar

ct river

United States - Hartford

Colchester Pond Avatar

Colchester Pond

United States - Colchester

Old Stage Road Avatar

Old Stage Road

United States - Essex

Shellburne Bay Avatar

Shellburne Bay

United States - Shelburne

Green River Reservoir Avatar

Green River Reservoir

United States - Hyde Park

Free river reservoir  Avatar

Free river reservoir

United States - Hyde Park

CT River to rowing dock  Avatar

CT River to rowing dock

United States - Lebanon

west river marina Avatar

west river marina

United States - Brattleboro

Lake Pauline  Avatar

Lake Pauline

United States - Ludlow

Mallets bay Avatar

Mallets bay

United States - Colchester

Lake Rescue Avatar

Lake Rescue

United States - Ludlow

Grand Isle Vermont Avatar

Grand Isle Vermont

United States - Grand Isle

Wilmington, vt Avatar

Wilmington, vt

United States - wilmington

Oakledge Park to Red Stone Park Avatar

Oakledge Park to Red Stone Park

United States - Burlington

Waterbury reservoir Avatar

Waterbury reservoir

United States - Stowe

Lake Willoughby Avatar

Lake Willoughby

United States - Westmore

Willoughby lake Avatar

Willoughby lake

United States - Westmore

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ever further2 in France (5 likes)

Francesco Cicogna in Italy (5 likes)