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    • October 2015
    • Volodymyr Bereza Avatar

      Volodymyr Bereza at Vorskla river
      Okhtyrka - Ukraine
      Added on Thu, 01 Oct 2015 10:48:33 +0000

      Session date : 22/09/2015


      18.0 km


      4.50 km/h

      In my North-East Ukrainian travel I met Vladimir, kayak tour organizer from Okhtyrka, who make trips in Sumy, Poltava and Kharkiv regions.
      He advice me exactly that part of Vorskla river, which, he told, is the best part ever.
      I start next early morning, so forget my photo camera (stupid). Few pics you can see- from my phone camera.
      The river Vorskla in that part was really ... different.
      1-st like a dream. Fast (for flatwater) small, clear and beautiful like a dream, after dirty and slow, after crazy small SUP jungle ways, after like a dream again.
      The summer 2015 is most waterless summer for all Ukrainian rivers, may be that is why sometimes Vorskla so shallow and small. But I like the way at all! It wat great adventure.
      The Vorskla river is in TOP Ukrainian 5!!!
      Thank you, Vladimir, for advices and thank you, Kseniya, for support!

      Have to note for beginners - 1st time better take a tour with guide, especially if you are without navigation and way knowledge


    • Volodymyr Bereza Avatar

      Volodymyr Bereza at Vorskla river
      Okhtyrka - Ukraine
      Added on Thu, 01 Oct 2015 10:36:59 +0000

      Session date : 22/09/2015


      18.0 km


      Inf km/h

      In my car trip around North-East part of Ukraine after meeting with Vladimir, local man who organize kayak tours in Sumy-Poltava-Kharkiv regions, I decide to done this part of Vorskla.
      I start alone in the morning and (stupid) forget my camera. Few pics I've got on phone camera you can see.
      The river in this part is very different - sometimes clear, small and fast like a dream, after slow and dirty, after crazy jungle SUP way, after like a dream again!
      So, Vorskla is in a Ukrainian TOP5!!!
      Thank you, Vladimir, for advices! Thank you, Kseniya, for support!
      And note: this is a not perfect way for total beginners without navigation!


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