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Arnold Valley Moana

    • June 2017
    • Cha Chou  Avatar

      Cha Chou at Mouth of the Arnold River
      Lake Brunner - New Zealand
      Added on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 05:35:51 +0000

      Session date : 28/06/2017


      3.9 km


      3.90 km/h

      Actually not a paddle as it was wayyyy too windy (as you can see from the waves on the lake =D ) and freezing cold! But a nice walk instead and definitely good scouting for the next time over there. Maybe not as scenic as the other side of the Lake (Iveagh Bay that has beautiful submerged trees that you can paddle through) but still potential for a nice paddle along the township of Moana and going up into the river. Probably a good idea to park at the beach on the other side of the river if you don't want to carry your board to the water (2/3min walk from this side, but might be more quiet especially in the summer) but be aware of the boats launching at the nearby ramp.

    • March 2016
    • Cha Chou  Avatar

      Cha Chou reviewed Iveagh Bay - Lake Brunner
      Lake Brunner - New Zealand
      Added on Tue, 29 Mar 2016 08:01:48 +0000

      Fantastic spot on Lake Brunner, about 10min out of the cute township of Moana. Park right by the beach (but keep going a bit further after the main boat ramp so you can launch safely) and go. Watch out for boaties/jetskis in the summer months. Just across from the launching spot, there is a 'lagoon' with submerged trees, pretty cool to explore. The Lake is of decent size so offers opportunities for touring. Moana is also an easily accessible/easy launch spot if you are staying there (and it has a little shop and petrol). BYO gear as there are no rentals in the area.

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    • Cha Chou  Avatar

      Cha Chou at Iveagh Bay - Lake Brunner
      Lake Brunner - New Zealand
      Added on Tue, 29 Mar 2016 05:17:59 +0000

      Session date : 28/03/2016

      Gear used : Pacific Paddle Co Airlines & Pacific Paddle Co Adjustable PPC Recreational Paddle

      Just paddling... :-)

      0.0 km

      Awesome Easter paddle with friends and dogs at the beautiful Iveagh Bay, Lake Brunner (review coming soon). No wind, transparent water, hot day and the dogs loved jumping on and off the board. Perfect day! =)


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