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Nainital Pauri Garhwal

    • May 2017
    • Kumaran Geopaddler Avatar

      Kumaran Geopaddler at River Ganga
      Devaprayag - India
      Added on Sun, 21 May 2017 09:44:06 +0000

      Session date : 15/10/2016

      Gear used : Naish Nalu AIR & Collaspable paddle Kumaran

      Paddle for charity

      0.0 km

      GangesSUP is a record breaking, world’s first descent of the entire length of the river Ganges by stand up paddleboard. An expedition for purpose, the vision and mission of this journey is to empower awareness and advocacy for cleaner water, via adventure.

      On 3rd October 2016, the expedition kicked off on foot in Gaumukh, the 'visible' source of the Ganges at the altitude of 4100m in the Indian Himalayas. On 11th January 2017-101 days and 2977 kms later, the team of Shilpika Gautam and Kumaran Mahalingam paddled to the mouth of the Ganges at GangarSagar

      The issue of water pollution is certainly not unique to the Ganges alone - in fact, as one of the greatest rivers in the world which supports well over 500 million people, the Ganges symbolizes the scale and urgency with which we must all be engaged in saving our water bodies - be it ponds, canals, rivers or oceans.

      By sharing raw, unbiased stories from our expedition be it photo, footage or writing , we endeavored to highlight the positive stories from this river-of-life, of the challenges that the least connected and underprivileged living along its banks face on a daily basis, and how public/private efforts are transforming their quality of life, one village at a time.

      We are especially proud of our active partnership with WaterAid India - and our work on the conservation of the Ganga River Dolphins

    • July 2016
    • Kumaran Geopaddler Avatar

      Kumaran Geopaddler at sattal
      bhimtal - India
      Added on Mon, 25 Jul 2016 06:50:29 +0000

      Session date : 24/07/2016

      Gear used : Naish Nalu AIR & Collaspable paddle Kumaran


      6.0 km


      4.51 km/h

      SATTAL - Mountain region rich with flora and fauna. Popular for its Clean and deep lakes, Moths, Beetles, Bugs, Birds and Orchids, friendly locals. Tons of information is there in internet about Sattal tourism and attractions but our trip added another new way to explore this serene region. Standup paddleboard touring in these lakes gives us another perspective of exploring these waterbodies and mountains.

      These photo album will help you to know it better…


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