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Spots In Area

Ashbridges Bay Avatar

Ashbridges Bay

Canada - Toronto

Lake Ontario Avatar

Lake Ontario

Canada - Kingston

PUC Pier Avatar

PUC Pier

Canada - Kingston

Dorset/Ontario Avatar


Canada - Dorset

Grass Creek Park Beach Avatar

Grass Creek Park Beach

Canada - Kingston

Everett Point Avatar

Everett Point

Canada - Kingston

Detroit River Avatar

Detroit River

Canada - Windsor

Kew/Balmy Beach Avatar

Kew/Balmy Beach

Canada - Toronto

Welland Canal  Avatar

Welland Canal

Canada - Welland

cherry beach Avatar

cherry beach

Canada - Toronto

Mooney's beach Avatar

Mooney's beach

Canada - Ottawa

Lake of Bays  Avatar

Lake of Bays

Canada - Dorset, Ontario

Tiverton Beach Avatar

Tiverton Beach

Canada - Kincardine

Carleton Locks Avatar

Carleton Locks

Canada - Ottawa

Jordan Harbour Avatar

Jordan Harbour

Canada - Vineland

Lake of the woods Avatar

Lake of the woods

Canada - Unknown

Osgoode launch Avatar

Osgoode launch

Canada - Ottawa

Swan on the Rideau Avatar

Swan on the Rideau

Canada - Ottawa

Trout Lake Avatar

Trout Lake

Canada - North Bay

Callander Beach Avatar

Callander Beach

Canada - Callander

Cognashene Avatar


Canada - Georgian Bay

Malachi Ontario Avatar

Malachi Ontario

Canada - Unknown

Campbellford, Trent Severn Lock Avatar

Campbellford, Trent Severn Lock

Canada - Addington Highlands

Nottawasaga  Avatar


Canada - Wasaga Beach

Guelph Lake Avatar

Guelph Lake

Canada - Guelph

Lake Huron Avatar

Lake Huron

Canada - Saint Joseph

Tea Lake, Algonquin Park Avatar

Tea Lake, Algonquin Park

Canada - Unknown

Cedar Bay Avatar

Cedar Bay

Canada - Port Colborne

Toronto Island Avatar

Toronto Island

Canada - Toronto

South Nation Avatar

South Nation

Canada - Alfred and Plantagenet

Frenchmans Bay, Pickering Avatar

Frenchmans Bay, Pickering

Canada - Pickering

Rouge Avatar


Canada - Toronto

Just runnin' Avatar

Just runnin'

Canada - Toronto

Rouge River Avatar

Rouge River

Canada - Toronto

Nottawasaga River Avatar

Nottawasaga River

Canada - Wasaga Beach

Tor PanAm indoor track Avatar

Tor PanAm indoor track

Canada - Toronto

Lovesick Lake Avatar

Lovesick Lake

Canada - Galway-Cavendish and Harvey

Thompson  Avatar


Canada - Toronto

Sharon Creek Avatar

Sharon Creek

Canada - Delaware

Fitness Forum Club Avatar

Fitness Forum Club

Canada - London

Wasaga Beach Prov Park Avatar

Wasaga Beach Prov Park

Canada - Wasaga Beach

Wallaceburg Pool Avatar

Wallaceburg Pool

Canada - Wallaceburg Pool

Centennial Skate Avatar

Centennial Skate

Canada - Toronto

Durham Lakeridge  Avatar

Durham Lakeridge

Canada - Uxbridge

Grand Bend, Sauble River Avatar

Grand Bend, Sauble River

Canada - Grand Bend

Waterfront Trail Pickering  Avatar

Waterfront Trail Pickering

Canada - Pickering

Balls Avatar


Canada - Toronto

SUP Avatar


Canada - Strong

Bernard Lake Avatar

Bernard Lake

Canada - Strong

rainy river Avatar

rainy river

Canada - Alberton

crooked rapids Avatar

crooked rapids

Canada - Eganville

Shades mills Avatar

Shades mills

Canada - Cambridge, Ontario

Mile marker Avatar

Mile marker

Canada - Pickering

Belwood Lake Avatar

Belwood Lake

Canada - Fergus

Hoo Avatar


Canada - Kenora

Lake Simcoe Avatar

Lake Simcoe

Canada - Barrie

Beach strip Avatar

Beach strip

Canada - Hamilton

Canal to end Avatar

Canal to end

Canada - Hamilton

Dwight Bay Avatar

Dwight Bay

Canada - Lake of Bays

Lakeside Park Beach Avatar

Lakeside Park Beach

Canada - Port Dalhousie

Boyers Loop Avatar

Boyers Loop

Canada - Bracebridge

lake simcoe Avatar

lake simcoe

Canada - Brechin

Lake Of Bays Avatar

Lake Of Bays

Canada - Lake of Bays

rideau canal Avatar

rideau canal

Canada - Ottawa

Lake Simcoe Avatar

Lake Simcoe

Canada - Orillia

Niagara-on-the-Lake Avatar


Canada - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Port Dover Beach Avatar

Port Dover Beach

Canada - Port Dover

 Lake Ontario  Avatar

Lake Ontario

Canada - Woodbine Beach, Toronto

Station Beach Avatar

Station Beach

Canada - Kincardine

Oakville Yacht Club Avatar

Oakville Yacht Club

Canada - Oakville

Welland River Avatar

Welland River

Canada - Welland

Collingwood Harbour Avatar

Collingwood Harbour

Canada - Collingwood

Sucker Lake Avatar

Sucker Lake

Canada - Rosseau

Port dalhousie Avatar

Port dalhousie

Canada - St-catharines

Aug 27 Avatar

Aug 27

Canada - Burlington

Wahwashkesh Avatar


Canada - Whitestone

Lake Erie from the Beach Avatar

Lake Erie from the Beach

Canada - Unknown

Shadow Lake Avatar

Shadow Lake

Canada - Waterford

Arrowhead  Avatar


Canada - Huntsville

Sunset beach Avatar

Sunset beach

Canada - St Catharines

Port Weller Avatar

Port Weller

Canada - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Martindale Pond Avatar

Martindale Pond

Canada - Port Dalhousie

clegg  Avatar


Canada - Ottawa

Ksf Avatar


Canada - LaSalle

westboro beach Avatar

westboro beach

Canada - Ottawa

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Avatar

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Canada - St. Clair

petrie Avatar


Canada - Unknown

Cottage to palmwood  Avatar

Cottage to palmwood

Canada - Fort Erie

ecco lands Avatar

ecco lands

Canada - Ottawa


Canada - Eganville

Southampton, Ontario Avatar

Southampton, Ontario

Canada - Southampton

Southampton, Ontario Avatar

Southampton, Ontario

Canada - Southampton

voyageur provincial park Avatar

voyageur provincial park

Canada - Chute-à-Blondeau

Sandbanks Avatar


Canada - Picton

Rouge and back Avatar

Rouge and back

Canada - Pickering

Rivière Rideau Avatar

Rivière Rideau

Canada - Ottawa

Along the shore Avatar

Along the shore

Canada - Unknown

mooneys bay Avatar

mooneys bay

Canada - Unknown

petrie island Avatar

petrie island

Canada - Unknown

SUP Avatar


Canada - Prince Edward

Oliphant Avatar


Canada - Oliphant

Paddle Boarding  Avatar

Paddle Boarding

Canada - St. Clair

Water's edge Avatar

Water's edge

Canada - Mississauga

Toronto Indoor SUP Race Avatar

Toronto Indoor SUP Race

Canada - Toronto

canoe Avatar


Canada - Wawa

Cottage Avatar


Canada - Algonquin Highlands

Lake Conestogo Avatar

Lake Conestogo

Canada - Mapleton

Paddle boarding Avatar

Paddle boarding

Canada - St. Clair

Pond front side  Avatar

Pond front side

Canada - Hamilton

Pond back side  Avatar

Pond back side

Canada - Hamilton


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