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Möhlin Beach Möhlin, Switzerland

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Möhlin Beach

City : Möhlin, Switzerland

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    • July 2016
    • Sylvia R. Avatar

      Sylvia R. reviewed Möhlin Beach
      Möhlin - Switzerland
      Added on Sun, 03 Jul 2016 23:23:43 +0000

      Not a spot for beginners! To get to that spot, go to Möhlin Schwimmbad (good luck with that...) and turn left at the entrance of the Schwimmbad parking lot, and follow the little narrow road that will bring you to a gravelled parking place. Park there and walk down to the beach (also graveled). When you enter into the water paddle to the right, against the stream! Do not paddle to the left because there is a power plant not far away!! Don't let the stream bring you there. The stream can be really strong, that's why I don't recommend this spot to beginners. This is the Rhein people! Be extra careful. But it is really beautiful, with big forests, and cute little wooden cabins along the river.

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    • Sylvia R. Avatar

      Sylvia R. at Möhlin Beach
      Möhlin - Switzerland
      Added on Sun, 03 Jul 2016 23:10:37 +0000

      Session date : 30/06/2016

      Gear used : C4 Waterman iSUP Outfitter & RRD Fiberglass 3 piece adjustable


      0.0 km

      A beautiful session at sunset on the Rhein!
      We were very lucky when the sun began to set under a bunch of dark clouds, giving an amazing lighting on the forest and the boats...
      This was actually not so easy because we paddled upstream, and the Rhein had a lot of water that day and the current was really strong. When the time came to go back, we just sat on our boards and the Rhein carried us back! No need to paddle, just be lazy and enjoy the view :)
      This was a really nice session organized by Mario from Surfparadies in Pratteln, near Basel.

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