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Langballigau Langballig, Germany

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City : Langballig, Germany

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    • October 2015
    • Torsten Krö Ganer Avatar

      Torsten Krö Ganer at Langballigau
      Langballig - Germany
      Added on Sat, 03 Oct 2015 19:45:16 +0000

      Session date : 03/10/2015

      Gear used : Coreban DART & Art in Surf Big Wave Hydro fixed


      3.72 km


      4.96 km/h

      Following the weather forecast it should only have been 3bft wind and east wind with some small swell.
      After starting my paddle from Langballigau to Westerholz -outside the Flensburgian Firth in the outer baltic sea- I received a welcome with 5bft wind gusts.
      I thought I could go for a tour but actually it was bit hard. So I paddled half of the upwind part standing and half on my knees. But I have been given back some glides for it.
      Langballigau is a nice spot to paddle with parking area just at the beach.

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