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Wohlensee, Bern Bern, Switzerland

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Wohlensee, Bern

City : Bern, Switzerland

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    • August 2018
    • Martin Riedel Avatar

      Martin Riedel at Wohlensee, Bern
      Bern - Switzerland
      Added on Mon, 27 Aug 2018 08:43:56 +0000

      Session date : 26/08/2018

      Gear used : SIC X14 ProLite 24'' & LIGHTBOARDCORP.COM Light Carbon Medium


      6.0 km


      8.57 km/h

      5th SUP Race Bern, Wohlensee - This was a really nice race at a beautiful location. There are not so many paddlers and it is very familiar. I had really a lot of trouble with the waves created by all paddlers at the start. I probably used the first 3 minutes 50 % of my energy to paddle and 50% to keep somehow balance. Then it got much better and I landed at the middle of the field. The weather was perfect and it was easy and helpful to test some other boards, paddles and to get some tips.

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Martin Riedel


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