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SUP IN RIVER Oliveira do Hospital -Portugal

Don’t let another summer go by without playing hard with your friends and family! Choose your Stand Up Paddle Board Tour with us!!
SUP is set to became one of the world´s most popular watersports and a Stand Up Paddle Board tour is the true summertime experience! Why not take a few friends or family and team up with us and Stand Up Paddle Board our way along the most gorgeous Mondego River has to offer.

More to discover: Vouga River + Dão River + Alva River + Albufeira da Aguieira..What about paddle at 1800 Mt? We take you there!
Come with Us to Serra da Estrela at the big lagoon. A Real Experience in Center of Portugal.

Touring with SUP IN RIVER adventures is an awesome way to challenge yourself and explore the water and nature. If you would like to strike out on your own, you can always rent a few for the day (ask us how).

4 good reasons to paddle with us
exercise fun exciting unique

The services we provide at Sup in River include:
Paddle board + Paddle + Life Jacket + Leash + Experience day+ Insurance +water shoes

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Ervedal da Beira

3405-066 Oliveira do Hospital


+351 967379536

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