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The Sup in River rises from the junction of two ingredients, dynamism and entrepreneurship and the taste of tourism in the art of hospitality. The accumulated know-how throughout our professional careers in these areas, were necessary to give rise to an active tourism company.
We work exclusively with the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), where we are pioneering in that it brought to the interior of Portugal a concept that until then was only associated with the coast.
The natural areas are the basis for sustainable tourism development of the territory. The Beira Alta region where we are, offers a set of natural resources surrounded by hills and mountains that make these stops magical moments. Explore this Beira plateau which fall within the Star Saws, Caramulo, Buçaco, Goshawk and where the rivers flow, Vouga, Dão, Mondego and Alva.
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SUP IN RIVER - Coimbra

Parque Verde do Mondego

3040-255 Coimbra


+351 238092712

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