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Surfers Home Boracay Boracay-Philippines

Equipped with Boards, Paddle, Sunscreen and a massive boardbag we leave Boracay by boat to Caticlan, where the traditional jeepney waits for us already. We load the boards on the roof and enjoy the jeepneyride through the ricefields and the scenic coastal road of Panay the cold spring of Malumpate, where we can swim in crystal-clear turquoise water. From here the adventure starts. Fins and leash are quick adjusted and first 5 minutes kneeing, but soon standing on our boards and paddling we are floating down the Bugang river. Friendly locals wave us on the way, we stop in local villages for a coconutdrink and enjoy the silence and the local life on the shore of the river –carabaos drinking from the river, men fishing, kids trying to keep up with us on floating bananatrunks. Sometimes the water is calm and we paddle and paddle, sometimes we hold on the boards as the river gets faster. After two hours we reach the beach, where a BBQ Feast and our jeepney is waiting for us.

Surfers Home Boracay

Bulabog Beach

5608 Boracay



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