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Raglan Paddleboarding Raglan-New Zealand

Welcome To Raglan's First Dedicated Paddleboarding Approved School

Raglan Paddleboarding is providing one of the World’s fastest growing recreational water sports "Stand Up Paddleboarding" which is a blend of paddling and surfing and is easy to learn at any age, especially on the flat waters in Raglan's Harbour.

Paddleboarding shares a common heritage to surfing and kayaking and requires far less physical and technical ability, but offers the same amount of enjoyment. Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fantastic all over body workout, building your core and upper body muscle strength as well as improving your balance.

So come join Raglan Paddleboarding School on the water and take a lesson, a tour, join in the Yoga class on boards on the water or simply hire a stand up paddleboard and let the guys at Raglan's first approved Paddleboarding School show you the amazing sights of Raglan. Even check out the local pancake rocks or why not try the surf and let this great sport allow you to take a better view of the water above and below like no other water sport can.

We also give professional advice on sales.

Raglan Paddleboarding

5a Bankart Street

3225 Raglan

New Zealand

+64 7825 0507

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