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SUP For All Sligo-Ireland

The emotions of Stand Up Paddling are only complete when it is shared by all »

Our Mission : To promote all aspects of SUP including SUP Yoga, Family expeditions, Community get togethers, Team Building, Confidence Building, Environment awareness, Fitness, Health, Water skills, etc. To bring ALL people 'to the waters and the wilds' and reinstate our natural position within our ecology and environment.

SFA believes that SUP has a social function within society. Our aim is to unite families and communities through the pursuit of SUP. We wish to develop this discipline to ALL PEOPLE, not just to competitors or sport fanatics. To 'walk on water' on SUP craft, through nature is a unique experience which elicits emotion made complete whilst sharing the experience with ones family, friends and community. Glide through YOUR country, on it's waterways, rivers, canals, lakes, lagoons, ponds, and sea.

SUP For All

The End of the Line, Killerry, Ballintogher

Sligo Co Sligo


+353 87 902 6000

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