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Bali Stand Up Paddle School Sanur, Bali-Indonesia

Let’s do it standing up in Bali..

The whole world is talking about it! Born in Hawaii is now the world's fastest growing watersport.

Either catching waves or using it for a fun-paddling session on flat water, this new sport makes everybody happy.
It is accessible to all and can be learned within 5 minutes.

The modern SUP boards allow you to catch waves a lot earlier than even the long boarders.
Boards are typically longer, wider and thicker than traditional surfboards, giving them more buoyancy. And the paddles have shafts longer than standard canoe paddles for the extra reach needed.

Bali has been the Mecca for surfer since the seventies, now SUP open new endless possibilities! So many new breaks to ride and so many others to rediscover like it was the first time!

For Reservation or Info e-mail at

or call directly Jankie at 08133 8235082

+ 62 8133 8235082 ( from Outside Indonesia )

We are located at Villa Puri Ayu Resort in Sanur,

Jalan Cemara 4B.

Just after the Puri Santrian Hotel.

Why SUPS with us?

It's easy... We have the best prices, best boards in the island and the BEST spot for learning and advance alike... Flat water inside the lagoon and "surfer free" easy waves all in one spot!

Bali Stand Up Paddle School

Jalan Cemara 4B

80228 Sanur, Bali



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