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QuRoc Qi All Water 12.6

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QuRoc Qi All Water 12.6

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Board type:Touring, Race
Inflatable: Yes
    • August 2018
    • HantI . Avatar

      HantI . reviewed QuRoc Qi All Water 12.6
      Added on Thu, 09 Aug 2018 14:32:10 +0000

      The board is nothing less but excellent.
      Ok, I'm a bit baised cause I'm in love with this board for sure, but I can't find any bad property of it.
      It's quite fast, it's extremely stable, keeps track well, but turns fast when needed. The later two is thanks to the FCS Touring 9.0 fin (comes with the board), I think.
      The recommended pressure is 18PSI, but usually I use it around 15 and it's prefectly stiff on that pressur. The carbon rail band do a great job, cause yes, they used carbon for the rail reinforcement. And they used todays (not so) secret weapon: fusion technology for the board.
      There is a kickpad if you want to make pivot turn, but I find the board too long for that. I stand about a foot backward from the center of the board and the kickpad is still at least a whole step further back when I step back with one leg. But it's there if you need it.
      The handles (one in the middle, one at the valve at the aft) are soft neoprene and give a nice, full grip. There is a GoPro mount at the tip of the bow (never used it since) and the usual bungee with 6 D-rings (cheaper boards use 4 D-rings, as I saw, so has a smaller cargo area). The rest of the board is covered in diamond textured EVA, you can stand wherever you want, it'll be soft and give good grip. As for the EVA they used, I don't know if the material or the texture does it, but it gives too good grip even when wet that I can hardly sweep water down when trying to clean the surface from the dirt it collected. So this is great when paddling and annoying when cleaning. :D

      The bundle
      The pump, though not QuRoc brand, is the greatest on the market. Double cilinder moves huge volume of air per pump and can make high pressure fast when switched to sinlge cilinder. Only negative of it that this pump is heavy. Ok, not as an electric, but around 2kgs.
      The leash looks a bit short for a board this long, but never had problem with it. Good quality and you don't have to buy it separately for another 30-40€.
      The bag is a huge one, with big wheels and hardshell bottom (so you can't fold it into a tiny pack) and has a big fron pouch in the front for smaller items. The materials used feel heavy duty. With the board, paddle, pump and all packed the bag still has room left for a carry-on-bag amount of stuff. My only problem with the bag that it is too big. :) Literally. You can almost fit 2 boards in it... but sadly not that big, so we can't carry our two boards in this one bag.
      This is't the review of the paddle, but have to mention that the bundle has a full carbon and really great paddle too. About 710g in weight, it's not the lightest, but hey, you get it for "free". :D It's a well designed paddle with dihedral shaped blade. Ideal for smaller/weaker paddlers and the dihedral provides stable catch.
      For a cheaper board it's a great news that it has US finbox and even greater surprise that QuRoc gives one of the best titled fins from the market, a FSC Touring 9.0 fin. I can only confirm what other reviewers already said about it. It gives good tracking for touring, have a good turning ability and never found anything stuck on it since.

      I bought this board after I used an allrounder for a season and wanted a bit stiffer, faster, better glider board. And this board lives up to my expectations. Without effort (I mean standing straight up and "smoothing" the water) it keeps about 4-5km/h and accelerates to 8-9km/h with a better technique. I could use a bit more acceleration, but that would need a narrower board, I think. Glide is good, as you would expect from a 12'6" board.
      As I'm a lighter rider and the board isn't a heavy one either, I noticed, the wind has a higher effect on the ride as with a shorter, allrounder board. When the wind comes from the side, it immediately and really quickly turns the board. Maybe my techniqie is flawed, but even in lighter winds I have to contantly work against this turning effect. But with a light breeze coming from behind (with no waves) I once reached a bit over 12km/h in speed.

      I can hardly find any negatives of this board. It's fast enough for me, really stiff, has great equipments onboard and off, stable and can carry 2 adults with managable draft, if needed. So it should be good for bigger paddlers (officially 140Kgs the max recommended) and definitely perfect for beginners.

      Market leading fusion technology
      Carbon rail reinforcement
      Light for it's length
      Stiff even on lower pressure than recommended
      Great bundle equipment
      Good price (compared to other bands offering this build and equipment quality)
      I can go on forever with pros...

      Cons - If I really have to find some...
      Harder to clean (white parts collect marks, EVA "too grippy" when wet, if that's a con)
      Pump is heavy
      Bag too big for a backpack (but it can be carried that way), bag design could be better
      EVA deck and neoprene handles dry really slow

      Thanks QuRoc, you made a great board.

      Board used for : Touring

      User level : Intermediate

      User measurements : 178cm / 78kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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