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SIC X14 ProLite 24'' 14.0

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SIC X14 ProLite 24'' 14.0

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Board type:Race
Inflatable: No
    • August 2018
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      GSUP T reviewed SIC X14 ProLite 24'' 14.0
      Added on Thu, 30 Aug 2018 07:25:36 +0000

      i was thinking about the new RS (RockerShip) SICMAUI 14x23 and LightBoardCorp. the NELO 14x 23 (hollow Design). The RS is with 290l too much volume for me, starting slowly to Speed, The NELO is always a fight with the balance, using only in really flatwater, in Mountain Lakes its to much work. This is board for professionals, every day paddlers. :-)
      So i return to old designs, just like X 14 PRO LITE, the shape is very simple, dont look so complicated :-) straight, long, small, just like an arrow. :-) the displacement hull is perfect. The question was only, waht happend in bumps and wave in open Ocean. The test on heavy downwind before thunderstorm was perfect, but as a beginner, you dont have a chance in bumps and waves. Standing in the back of the XPRO and you can ride very fast. :-). The board is very stable for the size of 24, the volume is perfct for Paddler until 75kg, for more heavy paddler its a fight, because the board has only 224l volume. For Paddler over 80kg is better to use the RS with 290l.
      The test in downwind was so good that my decide to buy the X PRO was correct.
      its an used board from the famous Sonni Hönscheid, only one race she was going (2013 Lostmills) and then only in here store. and now this board is my new race machine :-)

      Board used for : Race

      User level : Expert

      User measurements : 174cm / 72kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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