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Fanatic Stylemaster 10.0

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Fanatic Stylemaster 10.0

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Board type:Surf
Inflatable: No
    • August 2017
    • Tim Fuller Avatar

      Tim Fuller reviewed Fanatic Stylemaster 10.0
      Added on Sat, 26 Aug 2017 17:52:11 +0000

      This board is awesome. A true longboard profile that allows you wander all over the board, Right on the tail allowing the surfboard thin rails to dig in and carve beautiful turns. Move forward (having waxed the nose) and try and hang five ten if you're up to it. It takes a little getting used to on steep small waves as it's easy to dig the nose it on take off. You'll soon be automatically compensating for this. Great glide for early take off in 2' or overhead. It performs really well in all sizes and surprising well in head high waves.
      I can't fault it at all!

      Board used for : Surf

      User level : Advanced

      User measurements : 184cm / 68kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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Tim Fuller

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