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BOTE Traveller 12.0

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BOTE Traveller 12.0

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Board type:Allround
Inflatable: No
    • January 2019
    • Arno G Avatar

      Arno G reviewed BOTE Traveller 12.0
      Added on Thu, 31 Jan 2019 04:43:45 +0000

      For me this board is a love and hate story.
      What I like is the speed you can generate and how it stays in a straight line resulting in less corrections.
      Quick steering without stepping to the rear side requires some powerfull strokes.
      Due to my weight and length I always need some time to get comfortable on the Traveller. But sometimes a wave does surprises me.
      A nice fast board to paddle great distances but I prefer a more stable one.

      The board come with bungees on the front and back side.
      Has rotating attachments for a cooler or other luggage you might want to load up.
      It has a storage for a bottle. For that you screw open a cap in front of you and stick the bottle in the hole.
      On top of the nose is a sheet where you can store your paddle.
      On the left-hand side you can attach a strap (acc) on two build in attachments which allows you to carry the board from the shoulder if you don't want to use the center grip.
      Purchasing this one new will also get you a fin and a paddle in matching colors according to their brochure.

      The board I review is a 12'6" but they also have 14 foot long available.
      Length: 12'6"/384cm
      Width: 28"/71,2cm
      Thick: 6" /15,3cm
      Weight approx: 25lbs/12kg
      Weight capacity: 275lbs/125kg

      Price: $1499

      Board used for : Touring

      User level : Intermediate

      User measurements : 186cm / 95kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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