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Siren Mahi 10.6 323.0

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Siren Mahi 10.6 323.0

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Board type:Allround
Inflatable: Yes
    • August 2017
    • Tilman Meyer-Clasen Avatar

      Tilman Meyer-Clasen reviewed Siren Mahi 10.6 323.0
      Added on Thu, 24 Aug 2017 15:45:14 +0000

      Very touring-friendly board with many assets such as multiple bottle and baggage straps. I've already put quite some load on the straps, they can handle it. Apart from touring, the boards is also great for surfing, yoga, downwind, rivers and much more. The good thing is, as a well made board, you can try out new things with it and push yourself and the board to the limit.

      Board used for : Allround

      User level : Advanced

      User measurements : 191cm / 85kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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