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SPS SPS 11´x32"x6" Kayak 11.0

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SPS SPS 11´x32"x6" Kayak 11.0

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Board type:Allround
Inflatable: Yes
    • March 2018
    • Javi Poncho Avatar

      Javi Poncho reviewed SPS SPS 11´x32"x6" Kayak 11.0
      Added on Mon, 05 Mar 2018 20:12:48 +0000

      Six moth with de board.
      Firstly, I've say that I use the board almost entirely in the open sea (Atlantic Ocean), and generally near the coast, which generates a lot of waves of the shore.
      The board is light (10.5 kgs with all the accessories) and has a soft and comfortable pad. The construction whith fusion of layers except in the edges. With respect to finishes, the appearance of the edges and rings could be improved. The pump is in the middle and the paddle of the pack is basic. I have not tried the kayak seat yet.
      Good rigidity and good glide.
      It's a bit nervous at first, but you quickly get to it to the point that it's quite comfortable for me to use (sea shaken). Requires strength in the legs in these conditions. It is enought fast and quite maneuverable for its size.
      Perhaps the weakest thing is the backpack that is not very comfortable, despite having an independent compartment for the pump and other accessories.

      Thanks to everyone and I hope to update my impressions over time.

      Board used for : Touring

      User level : Intermediate

      User measurements : 168cm / 65kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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Javi Poncho

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