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SIC X14 Pro 14.0

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SIC X14 Pro 14.0

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Inflatable: No
    • August 2017
    • SUPmission SGNL Avatar

      SUPmission SGNL reviewed SIC X14 Pro 14.0
      Added on Thu, 24 Aug 2017 17:29:33 +0000

      Great board for the enthusiast race advanced and also beginners. The 26" wide board makes it easy for anyone to get into the glide. This means less effort to maintain speed. Board is designed to be used on flatwater says Mark Raaphorst, board shaper. But I have had a great time on it and used it for touring and ultra races too. I've used this for the 220km race in Holland with Black Project Maliko fin twice and it is stable enough to withstand occasional boat wakes and wind chops. The 2017 version is in red, but if you can find the 2015 black version in market, you'd save yourself a bit of money for that same glide. A must try if you're looking to get on a SIC. The EZ grab handle is a signature from SIC. Super comfortable for beach starts!!

      Board used for : Race

      User level : Expert

      User measurements : 173cm / 76kg

      Stability :

      Carrying (handle) :

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