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Publish your sessions and pictures directly from Facebook Messenger

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    Publish your sessions and pictures directly from Facebook Messenger
    Added on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 14:35:44 +0000

    Discover the SUP Trotters Messenger chatbot

    You don't always have the time to come on SUP Trotters to publish your sessions? But you would still like to be able to quickly publish your pictures and share them with the community?

    Good news, SUP Trotters now has his own bot on Facebook Messenger!

    Wait... a what? A bot is a robot than can automatically answer to some messages on our Facebook page.

    This small software we have developed for you will allow you to interact with SUP Trotters directly from Messenger! Watch the introduction video on the side to have a quick overview of the features.

    So, what can you do exactly with this chatbot?

    1. Publish your sessions/photos
    2. See the best photos
    3. Subscribe to our news

    Publish your pictures/sessions

    When you send a private message to our Facebook page, our robot will automatically reply with several options.

    By choosing the first one "Publish pictures", you will be able to publish your paddle boarding pictures directly in the discussion without having to quit your messenger window. The bot will then ask you to select the GPS coordinates of the spot where the pictures were taken, this can be done very easily using a map. A new session will be automatically published on SUP Trotters for you, all the hard work is done by the bot!

    The bot will also ask you to sign in to your SUP Trotters account, it only takes a few seconds and this operation has to be done only once.

    Display the best pictures

    The second option of our bot ("Show me pictures") allows you to randomly display the best photos published on SUP Trotters and get a link to the page of the spot where the photo was taken.

    Subscribe to SUP Trotters news

    Finally, our bot allows you to subscribe to our news to receive them automatically in Messenger (1x per week, per month or never). You will receive the best sessions published by our members as well as our important news.

    Want to test it?

    You can test our Messenger chatbot right now by sending a private message to our page or by clicking the button below! Feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.


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