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Cha Chou at Southern Lakes 09/01/2018

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    Cha Chou at Southern Lakes
    Twizel - New Zealand
    Added on Tue, 09 Jan 2018 05:58:37 +0000

    Session date : 09/01/2018

    Gear used : Pacific Paddle Co Airlines & Pacific Paddle Co Adjustable PPC Recreational Paddle

    Just paddling... :-)

    1.69 km


    1.69 km/h

    Pretty good couple of sessions at Lake Middleton. The cool thing being the campsite is right by the lake so you can go paddling anytime =) Did the round the lake tour a couple of times, which only takes around 20min. First day I helped a man who lost his glasses in the water search for them (we didn't find them but someone else did =D) and another time a boy broke his bike on the other side of the lake so went to investigate (and was prepared to give him and the bike a ride back =D he was happy to push the bike in the end!). So much action for such a small lake! Quite busy at first but the average weather and end of the holiday meant that the lake got a lot quieter which was awesome. Traded some paddle lessons for 2 little girls in exchange for a water-ski session with a family that comes up here every summer. Girls loved it!!! Future contributors to SUP Trotters for sure =) Still a few motor boats/jetskis out though. Lots of birds around - the northern end of the lake is closed to boats for the southern crested grebe that nest on the swimming rope there =) - and heaps of baby ducks. The latest being big fans of my board =) Didn't get the chance to paddle Lake Ohau as it was very windy the whole time sadly.