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Cha Chou at Christchurch Estuary 13/08/2017

  • Cha Chou  Avatar

    Cha Chou at Christchurch Estuary
    Christchurch - New Zealand
    Added on Sat, 12 Aug 2017 23:22:49 +0000

    Session date : 13/08/2017

    Gear used : Pacific Paddle Co Airlines & Pacific Paddle Co Adjustable PPC Recreational Paddle

    Just paddling... :-)

    4.87 km


    7.37 km/h

    Early morning paddle at the Estuary. Started at end of Estuary Rd and was going to head north towards the jetty but was a bit worried about the Southerly wind picking up so went South along the Spit instead. Turned around to head back towards the earthquake damaged walkway that is currently being restored. My camera died at the very start so don't have more photos :( Lots of seagulls and terns on the water this morning but no other human beings in sight =D Weather was really weird, sun kept coming out then hide again, and Westerly wind picked up a wee bit on my way back (funny that!). Sadly it wasn't as hot as yesterday (about 18˚C which is kind of nuts for the middle of the NZ winter!) but still a really nice morning to go out =) Itinerary is approx.