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Kumaran Geopaddler at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary 26/02/2017

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    Kumaran Geopaddler at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
    Goa - India
    Added on Sun, 21 May 2017 10:16:42 +0000

    Session date : 26/02/2017


    5.0 km


    2.50 km/h

    My long time wish to explore the water bodies of Goan Western Ghats finally happened with the help of Nakul Dhawasker - My friend, Goan, Geologist and Offroad tour enthusiast.
    Trip to the source area of River Mandovi - the , lifeline of Indian state #Goa. Its end of Feb 2017, morning in this part of india is misty and cold. Within 45 mins drive from central goa, we crossed single lane bridge over the river Mandovi and reached the foothills of #Westernghats. After crossing dense cashew vegetation, tiny hamlets, we entered the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. With necessary permission from Wildlife Authoriites we done 12 kms of thrilling offroading into the core of wilife sanctuary. Around 10am, we reached pristine and perennial river pools of river #mandovi. This perennial waters are lifeline for wildlife including tigers, Leopards and several other wild species including Big Four Venonmous Indian snakes. Atleast 260 out of 330 recorded western ghats butterflles are found in this area. Soon this sanctuary will be declared as a Tiger reserve.

    This is my another Near source to sea trip after Epic #gangesup Expedition. Water is crystal clear than ganges waters. Best season to visit is Post monsoon to Pre Summer.

    Paddling for first time in this Global Biodiversity Hotspot is an Epic feeling. Thanks to Nakul Dhawasker and his Monster Thar

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