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Cha Chou at Akaroa Harbour & Bays 12/01/2017

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    Cha Chou at Akaroa Harbour & Bays
    Akaroa - New Zealand
    Added on Thu, 12 Jan 2017 20:45:20 +0000

    Session date : 12/01/2017

    Gear used : Pacific Paddle Co Airlines & Pacific Paddle Co Adjustable PPC Recreational Paddle

    Just paddling... :-)

    4.68 km


    3.12 km/h

    Two paddles that day, first I took my little paddler to the boats sheds and afterwards I went round the bay. Sooooo windy on my way back, strong ENE pushing me away from the beach so took me ages to get back. Good for the muscles tho! =) Saw a couple of fish and plenty of sea birds. No sting rays sadly :(
    Nice to see a lot more people paddling in Akaroa this year, first time I've seen so many on the water =)