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Maurits Groenenberg at Utrecht 09/10/2016

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    Maurits Groenenberg at Utrecht
    Utrecht (stad) - Netherlands
    Added on Mon, 10 Oct 2016 20:00:58 +0000

    Session date : 09/10/2016

    Gear used : Wailua cruzer & Tiki ''yellow” fiberglass power blade


    15.4 km


    3.08 km/h

    Touring Utrecht, Starting at Nicolaas Bridge over the Minstroom. Heading towards the Kromme Rijn, once the Rhine. Two times I had to take the board out of the water and walk over to the other side before reaching the River because the bridge was too low, some people manage to go underneath with a canoe using their hands on the ceiling I was told.(would not recommend this). Then following the Kromme Rijn (Old Rhine) until the medieval City Centre. Taking the nieuwe gracht to the North and the oude gracht back to the South, then the waters surrounding the old city toward the ancient Biltse Grift, back to the starting point. Watch out for the touring boats .