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Cha Chou at Akaroa Harbour & Bays 06/01/2016

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    Cha Chou at Akaroa Harbour & Bays
    Akaroa - New Zealand
    Added on Tue, 05 Jan 2016 19:56:12 +0000

    Session date : 06/01/2016

    Gear used : Pacific Paddle Co Airlines & Pacific Paddle Co Adjustable PPC Recreational Paddle


    8.3 km


    2.08 km/h

    Last paddle of 2015 and first few paddles of 2016 =) Fun family times around Akaroa Harbour. First time taking my pup for a longer paddle on my own -she loved it! Couple of times around Childrens' Bay, paddle to Red Point, paddle from the yacht club to the Lighthouse, and paddle around Takamatua Bay with my 4 legged friend. Saw 2 stingrays in Childrens' Bay, heaps of little fish and some herons, but the boys got even luckier and had 2 Hector's dolphins (NZ very own smallest species of oceanic dolphin, sorry no photos :( ). Calm and flat most of the time, bit of Southerly wind on last day, bit choppy on occasion but overall fantastic weather and conditions! Itinerary a bit funny as I tried to load every spots I went to at once :p Definitely the most scenic location to paddle in Canterbury =)

    *** Happy New Year Paddlers!!! =) ***